What Is Art And Mindfulness?

About a year ago, I had a moment of realization. I had been trying to think of a way to integrate my passion for art with my passion for yoga. With a degree in Studio Art and a deep desire to help others through the Art of Yoga, I knew I needed something more substantial than a “Paint Your Yoga Mat” kind of workshop. And then it came to me: Art and Mindfulness.

Art and Mindfulness integrates concepts of both art and yoga in one moving, meditative practice. This class incorporates contemplative art projects in between restful Yin/restorative poses. During Yin and restorative yoga, poses are held for longer periods of time to get deeper than the muscles and open up the connective tissues of the body, like ligaments and fascia. Practicing Yin/restorative allows students to find peace in passive floor poses. The support of props allow for longer holds without overstretching. This introspective practice will help to delve deeper into oneself and find new avenues for self-discovery and exploration.

I am thrilled to be introducing Art and Mindfulness this May at The Yellow Door in Charlottesville. The first expression of this program will begin Thursday, May 3rd and will be offered as a 4 Week Series for $60, or the classes can be attended on an individual basis for a drop-in rate of $20/class. Classes are 75-minutes long, and each one will carry a theme that is enriched by art projects and accompanying yoga poses. These class themes will encourage self-love and affirmation, inner strength, and so much more. This meditative practice allows students to find stillness in the mind, giving space to go inward and contemplate the theme of each session.

create a mandala

In the future, this program will also be available for one-on-one sessions or single session workshops. The next series of Art and Mindfulness that I have planned will be four weeks focused on the same theme, moving through different yoga poses, and each student will have one main art project that she or he will build upon each class.

I am filled with gratitude and excitement at the chance to finally offer Art and Mindfulness, and I’m so looking forward to further development of the program. To book a spot in the upcoming Thursday night series in May, visit the MindBodyProject to pay here, or check out the Facebook event page for more info.

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