What I’m Listening To: Stay at Home Edition

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

This will be a regularly-updated post featuring relaxing yoga or meditation playlists, podcasts, or guided meditations that I have found helpful to my practice during this time. I hope they are helpful to you as well.

Late September: Piano Covers playlist on Spotify

This is a great one to listen to when you both need to focus and also want something familiar in the background. These piano covers of hit songs are just different enough to not distract you, as you’re less inclined to sing along when there are no lyrics. (But you might still find the opportunity to hum along here and there.)

Early September: Peaceful Piano playlist on Spotify

This is a playlist I revisit whenever I really need some background music that is soothing and not catchy or distracting. It’s a great one to have on in the background while working on a difficult or intricate project.

Late May: This is an old standby of mine when I need a quick mental break or reset. This is a very accessible 5 minute meditation to open your awareness and enjoy some time just for you, free of worry or stress.

Early May: My anxiety really ramped up the first week of May, so I took to Spotify to find an old standby–a playlist I first created years ago and have modified over the years to include songs about being happy and feeling better. If you see the thumbnail album covers below and wonder how My Chemical Romance, The Partridge Family, Glee, and R.E.M. could all possibly participate in the same playlist, well then I invite you to find me on Spotify and check it out. These are songs that particularly resonated with me or made me feel happier, and I encourage you to create your own list of songs that help you to feel better when times are tough.

April 25-May 2nd: Spotify has created a new personalized playlist for each user called “Daily Wellness” that includes motivational talks, meditations, breathing exercises, and music. Spotify is free; search for your Daily Wellness playlist online or in the app today!

April 19-25th: Tony Brady meditations for Trouble Sleeping. Tony Brady’s soothing voice and beautiful Irish accent has been lulling me to sleep for years. The below meditation, “Relax into the Peace of the Night” is one of my favorites and is a go-to when my fiance or I have trouble falling asleep. Brady also recently released an 11-minute “Gateway to Sleep” meditation that is great, and he has many many more to choose from. I’d also recommend checking out some of his newer releases like “In Time of Change and Uncertainty.”

April 12-18th: Elizabeth Gilbert, most famously known for her book Eat, Pray, Love, offers this wonderful meditation/talk through Insight Timer. It is a free smartphone app, and you can also click the link below to listen online.

April 6-11th: I discovered this wonderful Uplifting playlist. I recommended adding any songs that stand out to you to the Saved Songs in your library, so you can have them for later, especially since Spotify updates the music on these playlists regularly.

March – April 4th: During my first few weeks of #StayingAtHome and figuring out my new #WorkFromHome life, Spotify’s Deep Focus playlist is what got me through.

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