Private Yoga Classes

Learn in the comfort of your own home where you are free from the anxiety of an intimidating studio or crowded gym class and where you can express your health/wellness concerns freely with the guarantee of privacy. Unlike a traditional class setting, in a one-on-one session, the class is all about you. Andi will lead you through poses that benefit you specifically and help meet your personal wellness goals and needs. Andi can travel to you and provide full props (mat, bolster, blocks, blanket, strap). Andi can teach classes in a variety of styles of yoga and can offer class lengths that meet your needs.

Andi will develop specific sequences just for you and teach you how you can do those sequences on your own, as well as show you some mindfulness techniques and how to use what you have at home as props. Learn that every body can do yoga, and let Andi help you find the path to poses that best suit you. Customized classes will help you find the freedom to embrace your personal practice, and developing strength in the body and mind help cultivate confidence and self-worth.

Helping others understand the importance of self love and care is one of Andi’s passions. Show yourself you care by investing in your own health and wellness.

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