Keeping Up With The Core

December Plank Challenge

I have been thinking about doing a plank challenge like the one above for about a year now, and with the holiday season upon me–as well as several extra pounds, I have decided to actually do a plank challenge. Yes, at the holidays.

Our core is our center, where we find balance. Developing core muscles has always been a constant and ongoing goal of mine, but I have been wanting to focus on my core even more since I began practicing AcroYoga last year. I have just lacked the dedication and energy. There was always a reason to put it off. But the truth is, there always will be excuses to put things like this off, and in the end, I really do want to be able to say I can hold plank pose for five minutes straight.

That’s my goal, my hopeful journey. I believe that if I can hold a plank for three minutes one day, I can hold it for three minutes and 10 seconds the next, and so forth. I also believe that yoga meets you where you are, and I want this challenge to as well. For that reason, I created a modified version with a four minute goal including rest days and extra time after the halfway point. (The rest days occur once a week and can be flexible.)

In that same vein, plank pose can be modified. If getting into plank pose in general is difficult, try using the knees. Just be careful to keep the core tight and not dump all your weight into your knees. A blanket under the knees can be a nice addition as well. Also, consider what type of plank you’re more comfortable with. If wrists are a bother, try forearm plank instead of a high plank. This challenge begins with 10 seconds. and increases by no more than 10 seconds each day. And as Kimmy Schmidt says, “You can do anything for 10 seconds!”

Kimmy Schmidt ten seconds

My intention is for this to motivate me to do yoga everyday and incorporate a plank hold each time. To further hold myself accountable, I will challenge myself to post a plank-inspired photo to Instagram every day. I’ll also post other ways to incorporate core-strengthening poses into your regular yoga routine and other fun “bonuses” as well.

I invite you all to join me or follow my plank journey this December @y0giandi (<–that’s a zero).

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