Fear of Letting Go

Or Fall: The Perfect Season for Yin, Part II

As I wrote in my blog post earlier this month, this time of year lends itself to going inward, and the changing of the seasons encourages us to also let go of what is no longer having a positive affect on our lives.

But change can be scary, and an ask to let go of something we know in exchange for embracing The Unknown can be downright terrifying. Oftentimes, these negative patterns in our lives stem from things that haunt us and weigh us down. And yet, we find comfort in hanging onto them; comfort in its constant presence. There is comfort in consistency, and this thing, (whatever it is,) while not serving us in a positive way, has been something that we could always count on to be there for us.

In some cases, letting go of these old patterns feels like we are being cracked open and laid bare and raw. Vulnerability is often uncomfortable, but I encourage you to try to embrace it. Put yourself in a space where you feel safe, and like I recommended in my earlier blog post, lay yourself out in Supported Starfish (reclined Star with a bolster or stacked blankets under your torso), and accept your own vulnerability and openness to change. The ability to grow and adapt is an amazing skill you have. Embrace it. Don’t fear it.

Let yourself be open to all possible feelings as you embrace the change of this season and expand your limbs in Starfish Pose. Then when you’re ready, when you feel open to accept the love and encouragement that has come to you, slowly move into Child’s Pose, and bring that comfort and hopefulness of something new into yourself, wrapping it around you like a hug.

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