Small Group and Partner Yoga

Yoga is a great way to connect with your friends, family, or work group. Take a break from your busy schedules to find some mindful movement and let Andi lead your group through a personalized class designed to meet your needs and experience levels. Andi can travel to where you are staying or offer the class at a local park, and she can provide mats and blocks for up to 10 people. Andi can provide full restorative props (mats, bolsters, blocks, and straps) for up to four people. Andi can teach classes in a variety of styles of yoga and can offer class lengths that meet your needs.

Partner Yoga is a great way for you and your friend or partner to strengthen your connection. Andi can design a class specifically based on your health and wellness goals, or she can offer a traditional Partner Yoga class. Partner Yoga is a practice about giving and receiving and learning to rely on someone else. You and your partner will remain in physical contact the entire time as you help each other move deeper into certain poses and lend stability and support to one another in others. This practice cultivates physical and emotional support with your partner and helps develop trust in your partner as you learn to let go. Simultaneously, it helps develop self-awareness and trust in yourself.

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